Rust Server Information

Due to unexpected difficulty keeping up with a constant barrage of updates for Rust as well as a lack of funding to maintain the server we've made the decision to freeze the server for an indefinite period of time.

Rust Server Settings

Airdrops every 20min, each Airdrop drops 1-3 chests (Supply Signal too). Helicopter is using player voting system (check in game commands /info), Cupboard radius is 25, /remove on cuboards is disabled to prevent raid exploits. Gather is x5. Furnance smelting is x10. Crafting is instant. Server has some good starting and daily kits. Use /kit to see all kits. Stack Sizes are increased. The Amount of homes is 2. Time between teleports is 5 minutes. Teleport daily limit is 25.

Rust Server Dedicated Box

Intel Core i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.8GHz


32GB SSD for The Server

100 Mb/s Connection speed

Rust Server Donations

Donations are made to help the server and not to make you more advanced than others, however you will gain some capabilities no one has. Donations will be invested in the Dedicated Box. We appreciate all donations you make to support server.

Rust Server Vote

Voting helps to bring new players to the server and let's you claim a reward in game.

After voting you will get 1 point = 1 Supply Signal. If you didn't claim the reward automatically type /geteward to claim reward

Simply click on the "Steam" button to sign in through "Steam" and cast your vote.

Rust Server Donations

You can donate with using PayPal / CreditCard

Please Contant Owner before or after you make donation.

Donations for those who want just help the server grow:

Packages last 30 days

Item you wish not listed in packages ?
No problem, contact owner to exchange some items.


4,99 €
  • +1 Home
  • Reserved slot
  • x1000 High Quality Metal
  • x6000 SulfurMetal Fragments
  • x1500 Low Grade Fuel
  • x2000 Animal Fat
  • No extra daily kits
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9,99 €
  • +2 Home
  • Access to /sil command
  • upload custom images to signs.
  • Reserved slot
  • x3000 High Quality Metal
  • x10000 SulfurMetal Fragments
  • x3000 Low Grade Fuel
  • x5000 Animal Fat
  • /kit Thompson (2h Cooldown x1 Thompson, x60 Pistol bullets)
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49,99 €
  • +4 Home
  • Access to /sil command
  • upload custom images to signs.
  • Reserved slot
  • x200000 High Quality Metal
  • x400000 SulfurMetal Fragments
  • x150000 Low Grade Fuel
  • x200000 Animal Fat
  • /kit Thompson (2h Cooldown x1 Thompson, x60 Pistol bullets)
  • /kit armor (2h Cooldown, Full Armor set)
  • /kit sniper (2h Cooldown, Bolt action rifle with all types of ammo and attachments)
  • /kit builder (24h Cooldown, x15k Stone, x15k Wood, x4k Metal Fragments, x2k Heavy metal)
  • Access to /bgrade 1-4 (Auto upgrade building, resources needed)
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Rust Server Staff Contact Details

Owner's Steam Profile : Click Here

Owner's Skype : Chat to my Skype

Owner's E-Mail :